Nowadays, Uzbekistan turned to one of the most exotic and breathtaking touristic destinations in the world. Additionally, it goes without saying that the flow of tourists is growing several times faster. Today, the ancient as well as well-known mysterious wonderland  at the Great Silk catches the attentions of everyone.  Moreover, Caravanserais on the old caravan routes are being replaced by modern, east-west-style “caravanserais”.

It is vital to mention that the majority hotels in Uzbekistan are operated based on the international standards. Besides there are branches of international hotels in Uzbekistan offer their services to the local and foreign customers, such as Hilton, Hyatt Regency, Radisson SAS, Wyndham and Miran International. By 2019, the total number of hotels in the country was 1,188, and the number of local guesthouses reached 866.

It stands out those three, four and five star hotels in Uzbekistan, combining modern Eastern and Western styles with all the amenities. In addition, there are now fashionable boutique hotels and guesthouses, which are resulted in the great interest to local and foreign tourists. These small houses are built comfortable, and decorated in the national oriental and Uzbek style, and there are family hotels as well. Therefore, special attention is paid to each client and individual service is provided. In addition, these type of hotels are located in ancient cities, decorated in old and new styles, and most of them are located in historic houses and buildings of historical significance.

ORIENT STAR GROUP team offers you the opportunity to book any type of hotel in all cities of Uzbekistan at affordable prices. We take an individual approach to each tourist and offer the most optimal hotel and services to our customer, taking into account his interests.