Uzbekistan is the pearl of the East

Close your eyes for a moment, imagine a bewitching country with majestic architectural monuments, where you are met by hospitable people, treating pilaf, whose taste you will never forget. Do you feel this unsurpassed aroma of hot cakes and crispy samsa? This country is called Uzbekistan - the pearl of the East, which was one of the main centers of the Great Silk Road, the intersection of diverse cultures, traditions and languages.


The history of Uzbekistan is very rich and interesting, hence the unique spiritual and cultural heritage. Each of the ancient cities of Uzbekistan is inimitable, bears its historical significance, they feel a special spirit of antiquity. As soon as you step on the land of the ancient cities of Uzbekistan, a new world of such ancestors as Amir Temur, Alisher Navoi, Muhammad al-Khorazmiy, Abu Ali ibn Sino, Zakhiriddin Muhammad Babur and many others will open up before you.


And nature will charm you with its splendor, giving warmth and comfort. A huge number of fabulously beautiful flowering trees, flowers, running streams and silence, in which you can hear the birds singing, telling the story of their country. It should be noted that in every city of Uzbekistan there is also a modern part, which is equipped every year and reaches world standards. This developed infrastructure, and tall buildings, and the highest service, and various networks of cafes and restaurants and much more.


Having visited Uzbekistan, you have a unique opportunity to see the plexus of antiquity with modernity, to compare, compare and trace the whole history to the present day.