Explore the magic of Uzbekistan! Immerse yourself in its captivating rural side and experience unique nomadic adventures. Discover a world filled with excitement and ancient traditions, a place where every corner tells a story. Uzbekistan awaits to show you its most authentic soul!

In the desert, in a place “far from civilization”, quiet and unusual rest without excessive noise – Bukhara Desert Oasis & SPA shows its unique aspect. Bukhara Desert Oasis & SPA was launched in March 2020 and has an area of 8 hectares. It is designed to provide tourist services to local and foreign tourists. It is noted that the cluster has the capacity to receive 24,000 foreign tourists and 270,000 domestic tourists per year. Currently, more than 50 jobs have been created in the cluster. More than 30 different tourist services are available in the complex. For example, the 700-seat “Shater Emira” (“Emir’s Tent”) restaurant, located at the intersection of the Great Silk Road, which presents history in a modern way, the 3,000-seat “Carvan Saray” area for outdoor recreation, the “Varakhsha” restaurant with 35,000 seats, Agro-eco gardens and innovative greenhouses were built.

In the Bukhara Desert Oasis & SPA cluster, great attention is paid to the development of extreme and ecotourism. There are a number of tourist attractions such as jeep and quad bike rides, skydiving, horse and camel racing. Extreme tours in the style of a safari are sure to remain in your memory for a lifetime. This place is perfect for this type of recreation.

Excellent theatrical performances and outdoor entertainment programs are organized for visitors to the establishment.

It is worth noting that there are no usual hotels on the territory of the complex. Instead, there are yurts with air conditioning and TVs.

Emir’s tent restaurant is a large place that visually embodies the history of Bukhara and the Great Silk Road in general. In terms of design, attention is paid to ethnic items, oriental decoration, carpets and dishes. The menu offers Uzbek national and European dishes. The restaurant invites you to a real “Oriental fairy tale”. Bright photos in its background will not leave you indifferent.

For guests who want to visit Ancient Bukhara, there are remains of the city formed as a result of archaeological research on the 16th century monument “Burontepa” hill. This monument was considered one of the important centers on the Silk Road from the ancient Bactrian period, when the foundations of Uzbek statehood were created, to the 16th-17th centuries. A separate museum corner has been established in the tourist center, and conditions have been created for tourists studying the remains of historical monuments.

Conditions for hunting have been created, and in the fish pond on the 4.5-hectare area, tourists can catch fish and cook and eat on the spot all year round

Hot water, mud treatment, and efficient use of sunlight, modern herbal, water pond, and wellness center are available here.

The greenhouse complex – industrial buildings designed to accommodate production tools and to perform labor processes as a result of which industrial products of agricultural production of cultivated nature of origin are produced. A greenhouse in the middle of the desert is an amazing thing, is it?  One of the important inventions for the benefit of mankind is the greenhouse.  We grow various types of vegetables and plants that you can see and try.

Not everyone knows that hookah is an excellent therapeutic tool that can relieve the tension that has accumulated after a long working day and provide a calming effect on the body.  We tried to do everything necessary in order to provide our visitors with comfort, pleasant emotions and good mood.  Many people in the modern world like to treat themselves to a quality hookah.  It gives a long-awaited relaxation, allows people to plunge into the atmosphere of oriental calm and leisurely.  This type of entertainment will bring one of the highlights for your vacation.

We have the opportunity to try different types of wine in an aristocratic wine cellar, which will amaze you not only with the taste of wine, but also with its appearance. Wine tours are a special section in the tourism industry that is not found everywhere in the world. Our service program includes a visit to a carefully selected wine cellar, where you can taste the brightest varieties of different types of wines.


Standart Yurt (5 places)

32 $ per person (only per night)

Luxury Yurt (2 places)

42 $ per person (only per night)

Emir Yurt (2 places)

52 $ per person (only per night)

Traditional musical group


Theatrical show program


other collectable appt-ns


Enjoy the beauty of the desert (on SUVs), on Jeep Land Cruiser and be photographed (1 round)

32 $ per person

An exotic trip on the sandy dunes on a quad bike
(1 round)

12 $ per person

Camel and horse riding
(1 round)

4 $ per person

Sari deg typical restaurant

13 $ per person

Restaurant Shisha

13 $ per person

Restaurant Emir’s tent

42 $ per person

Wine cellar

5 $ per person

Wine cellar

8 $ per person

The greenhouse

5 $ per person


22 $ unit


12 $ 1 hour


5 $