Our history


Pioneers of Tourism, Building Dreams in Central Asia

The fascinating tale of ORIENT STAR GROUP DMC is woven with threads of vision and excellence since its inception in 2006 as Surxon Mobile S.L. Initially, its focus was on flight reservations and exploring foreign destinations. However, in an astonishing twist, in 2016, it achieved the prestigious position of DMC, transforming into a TOUR OPERATOR COMPANY IN CENTRAL ASIA that not only opens the doors to Uzbekistan but also welcomes foreign travelers in the comfort of their language.

In 2016, its operations unfolded in Russian, English, and partially in Spanish, marking the beginning of a journey that would reach unforeseen heights. The years 2018-2019 were milestones with impressive figures, welcoming between 400 and 800 foreign tourists annually and solidifying its position at the top of the industry.

Even in the tumultuous times of the pandemic in 2020, ORIENT STAR GROUP DMC demonstrated its resilience by partially suspending operations for six months. However, this strategic pause was the springboard for its rebirth starting in August 2020. They completely revamped their team, redefined their goals, and restructured the company with a new system.

From August to November 2020, an impressive metamorphosis took place. The team of tour operators expanded to include experts who spoke Russian, English, Spanish, Italian, Indonesian, Japanese, and German. This multilingual talent pool became the key to success for ORIENT STAR GROUP DMC.

The unprecedented strategic investment made for its development was remarkable. They completely renewed their transportation and accommodation services, created captivating tour packages, and ingeniously adapted travel itineraries to face the challenges of the pandemic.

In February 2021, ORIENT STAR GROUP DMC achieved another milestone with the organization of its first “FAM TRIP,” INFOTOUR, providing foreign tourism enterprises with a unique insight into the opportunities Uzbekistan offered as the best post-pandemic “destination.”

This momentum continued with the second INFOTOUR in March 2021, which attracted three companies from Spain and two from Italy. In May 2021, the third INFOTOUR was a triumph, attracting directors from 10 Spanish companies, 5 Italian, 2 English, and 1 Greek. Starting July 1, 2021, they began receiving tourist groups of up to 15-20 people, achieving the incredible figure of 250 tourists by the end of the year and consolidating their position as the undisputed leader among tourist agencies in Uzbekistan.

The year 2022 stood out with the organization of 5 FAM TRIPs, attracting over 60 companies from Spain, Italy, Portugal, Sweden, and Russia. This elevated their capacity to receive more than 2500 tourists by the end of November 2023, strengthening partnerships with over 50 reliable tourist agencies. Their active participation in international tourism fairs, starting with FITUR in Spain in 2021, showcased their services and tour routes spectacularly.

The highlight came in November 2022 with a Fam Trip for Portuguese tourism companies, earning praise and boosting their reputation in the T-NEW tourism magazine. Looking ahead to 2023, ORIENT STAR GROUP DMC ventures into new horizons with a Fam Trip for major Chinese companies, anticipating the growing importance of large-scale Chinese tourism.

In 2023, the triumphant streak continued with participation in six renowned international tourism fairs: FITUR in Spain in January, “Путешествуй” in Moscow in June, TOP RESA IFTM in Paris at the beginning of October, TTG in Rimini in mid-October in Italy, TOURISM EXPO JAPAN in Osaka at the end of October, and WTM London in November. Additionally, between 2022 and 2023, ORIENT STAR GROUP DMC, especially its General Director, Abdumalik Muminov, was interviewed on the Spanish television channel CANAL 8 and participated in a live interview on Victoria radio, generating overwhelming interest among Spanish companies and tourists. Since 2021, their recognition as an outstanding company by DIT Gestión and active participation in annual conventions consolidated their position as a prominent service provider, even for their branch in Portugal.

In summary, ORIENT STAR GROUP DMC is not just a tourist company; it is a storyteller, a dream architect, and a gateway to unforgettable experiences. This tourism titan has no intention of stopping; its commitment is to advance in continuous levels of service, root itself in the hearts of its customers along with its valuable collaborators, creating an eternal legacy. Welcome to a travel odyssey with ORIENT STAR GROUP DMC, where each destination is a masterpiece in itself!”