Population & Language

7 million
Official: Turkmen

Capital & Borders

Borders: Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan


Manat (TMT)


Winter (Cold); Summer (Dry and Hot)

Welcome to Turkmenistan, a captivating country in Central Asia renowned for its rich cultural heritage, historical significance, and breathtaking landscapes. Explore Ashgabat, the architectural gem adorned with gleaming white marble buildings, reflecting Turkmenistan’s architectural prowess.

Geography and Cultural Heritage: Turkmenistan’s charm lies in its diverse landscape – from vast deserts and mountains to the Caspian Sea. The cultural tapestry, woven with influences from the ancient Silk Road, offers a unique blend of Turkic, Persian, and Russian traditions. Discover the UNESCO World Heritage site of Merv, a living testament to Turkmenistan’s historical importance.

Economic Landscape: At the crossroads of the energy sector, Turkmenistan’s economy is fueled by abundant natural gas reserves. The nation’s strategic focus on infrastructure development has led to significant economic growth. Stay informed about the latest economic policies for potential business and investment opportunities.

Current Affairs: For the latest on Turkmenistan’s political climate, consult reliable news sources. Turkmenistan is a member of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). In August 2005, Turkmenistan decided to become a simple “associate member”.