Nurota Mountain system and its Miracles

Nurata Mountains are a great place to spend your holidays and relax in the nature, as well as for spiritual relaxation.

The Republic of Uzbekistan covers not only of ancient cities, ancient and historical madrasas, mosques and minarets, but also different climatic and natural picturesque landscapes. Such as arid Kyzylkum and Karakum deserts, snowy and picturesque Tyan Shan – Pamir mountains ridges, rivers and lakes, dark pine forests, steppes covered with flowers in the spring, Aral Sea, which is formed in place of the ecologically harmful but fascinating Aral Sea, ancient caves and carvings with rocks with a long history including petroglyphic images. One of such remarkable natural monuments is Nurata Mountains, which today have a significant increase in the flow of tourists in the area and they are recognized as a new tourist destination.

The highest peak of Nurata ridge is called Hayotbakhshi mountain, which is 2169 meters high. It might be not the highest mountain, however, it attracts many tourists with its rich history, unique monuments, pleasant and clean climate and healing springs, wonderful villages and friendly local people.

Historians and archaeologists have excavated 20 km2 of Sarmishsay gorge in the western part of Nurata mountain range and 10,000 petroglyphs was discovered in the area. It is unknown when these petroglyphs first appeared on the rocks of Sarmishsay gorge. However, scientists say that the first settlements of ancient people appeared in Paleolithic period in Sarmishsay gorge (about 300-25 thousand years BC). Currently, Sarmishsay gorge has been turned into a national park of petroglyphs under UNESCO.

Nurata Mountains are a great place to spend your holidays and relax in the nature, as well as for spiritual relaxation. Not far from Nurata Mountains, on Lake Aydarkol * (the largest lake at the northern part of Nurata Range), there are well-known grassland settlements among tourists (yurta camping is  a temporary tent made of camels` wool which was used by nomadic tribes of the past).) are also available. these tourist camps tell us about the life and past of ancient nomadic tribes which is located in Kyzylkum Desert of the largest desert in Central Asia. A quiet, peaceful, noiseless ride through the desert on camels is a great pleasure for any tourist. In addition to the opportunity to sleep in local guest houses around the area, it is also possible to participate in the preparation of a variety of national dishes with local homeowners and the weaving of national hand-made Uzbek carpets and suzani.

Nurota Mountain system and its Miracles