Frequently asked questions

We close all groups 25 days before departure. In the case of last-minute reservations, it is always advisable to check availability in hotels, domestic flights, and trains.

If the hotels indicated in the program are not available on the reservation date, other hotels of the same category will be booked based on availability.

Upon arriving at a hotel for the first time (each time in a new destination), it is mandatory to submit your passport at the reception. Without presenting your passport, even if the hotel is pre-paid, you may be denied entry to your room.

The itinerary is subject to alterations depending on any changes made by the railway company to its train schedules and operating days.

Uzbekistan does not require a COVID-19 vaccine or PCR test.

Seats on domestic flights can only be reserved during the flight check-in time and cannot be done online.

In the event of lost or delayed luggage, you must go to the airport to retrieve it (unlike in Europe, where the airline delivers it to the passenger's hotel). The recovery of diverted luggage is not included in the tour price.

• Domestic flight: After the reservation is signed and confirmed, cancellation fees of 80 euros per leg apply. • Ground services: Depending on the time before the tour departure, cancellation fees vary from no charge up to 100% of the total amount.

When making reservations, it is essential to send scanned copies of passports.

Travelers are responsible for ensuring all documentation is in order. A passport with a validity of at least 6 months is required. No visa is required for passengers with a Spanish passport; other nationalities should check.

Meals during the route are planned at local restaurants, rural houses, artisan houses, etc.

The itinerary is subject to changes depending on any modifications the airline may make to its flight schedules and operating days.

Uzbekistan Airways allows a baggage allowance of 23 kg in the hold and 8 kg in the cabin. Silk Avia allows 20 kg in the hold and 5 kg in the cabin.

The local currency is the Uzbek som. Cash exchange is only done at banks. ATMs accept international cards like Visa or MasterCard, charging only a 0.01% commission for cash withdrawals.

Payments can be made through bank transfer to our account in USD, UZS, EUR, or RUB. We also accept bank cards for online payments through the link provided in the company's bank application. However, it is important to note that cash payments are only accepted for additional services that may arise during your journey in the country.

In Uzbekistan, it is common to tip porters, drivers, and guides.

The Uzbek government urges travelers not to litter the streets if there are no bins available. Uzbek locals may request photos, considering tourists exotic, particularly those from non-tourist regions.